‘Happy to see you arrive, sad to see you go’ doormat
 ‘Things I want to grow’ plant labels
 ‘Button nose’ – this is a service. If you have a doorbell without a face, I can put that right.
 ‘Nope‘ series of postcards. These are available individually and as a set.
 A reminder to the visitors to take their shoes off as they come in. The caption told visitors to ignore this sign.
 A fella just taking it easy.
 ‘Scribble shade’ in two dimensions
 ‘Scribble shade’ in three dimensions
 View of living room
 Adele making the ‘Ziggy’ mirror look ace
 ‘All in hand’ dish
 ‘Eyesore’ screen
 ‘Unboxing’ series of paintings using found bits of rubbish
 ‘Swept over the rug’ rug
 ‘Pedestrians’ screen print with one arrow head obscured
 ‘Double Gloss-ter’ cheeseboard prototype
 ‘Spitting fish’ vase
 A selection of prints
 View of kitchen worktop and cupboards
 ‘Books are doors’ notebook
 ‘Receding skyline’
 ‘A vase is a vase is a vase’ vase (features a different vase on every face)
 ‘Birdbrain’ birdhouse
 Visitor’s book
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